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  Pressed Open: An EarReverent Sampler
Artist: Colporteur 
Label: Pressed Records
Length: 8/33:30

Colporteur, pronounced “call-porter”, is a group of songwriters and musicians that composes worship music designed for congregational use.  The term is taken from the people that used to sell devotional literature on foot in small mountain communities.  They relied on introducing the literature to a new audience and word of mouth to ensure their success. 

Pressed Open is relying on much the same method.  Worship music tends to spread by word of mouth, and by worship leaders relaying it to each other.  The writers here make this easier, as the CD is enhanced: they have provided the chords and lyrics in order to make it even easier in translating it to the congregation.

“Flow” and “The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory” are folk-based acoustic tunes that recall the JPUSA style of music from the ‘70’s.  “God is Love” is more ethereal, with a female-driven vocal that falls into the trap of becoming repetitive ­ at times this resembles Enya or Maire Brennan.  “Like a Spring Rain” has a Michael Card sound to it.

This album has a well-produced feel to it, as if a lot of care went into producing its lush sound.  While definitely a mood piece, Pressed Open does what it sets out to do: provide new worship music that does not get boring and directs the listener to appreciate God for His creation and for His attributes.

Brian A. Smith   16 July 2002



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