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Title: Adventures in Tokyo
Artist: Calibretto 13 
Label: Tooth and Nail
Time: 12 tracks, 52 minutes. 

Like many bands, Calibretto 13, ran the gamut of group members and band names before settling on a winner.  Comprised of three hard-working, passionate musicians, the band recently released their second label album,Adventures in Tokyo.

Featuring passionate lyrics and lively music, this band claims to be punk/folk, which is an intriguing combination.  Boiled down, their sound is like a cross between 70’s rocker Barry McGuire and Sum 41.  Lyrically challenging, the acoustic undertones lend a deceptive passiveness to the overall product.

The album leads off with the protest anthem, "Why Can’t I be on MTV?" a kind of tongue-in-cheek song about the exploitation of sex and hedonism on MTV and the fact that the band can’t get a song played on the channel because they can ‘think for themselves.’

This theme is a constant topic throughout the album.  From ‘"ruisin’ the Strip," to "Sheep of the U.S." the lack of moral integrity and the willingness of youth in general to follow whatever new idea comes along, is explored.

One of the more sensitive songs on the album, "The Proposal," has a definite 70’s funk to it.  The song tells the story of a marriage proposal, “You’re the one who makes me happy/You’re the one I want to marry/You’re the one I want to be with…”

Overall, this album is full of youthful energy and makes for a great listen.

Kerry Maffeo  4/25/2002



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