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  Live Worship
Artist: Buck Enterprises
Label: Galaxy 21 Music
Length: 16 tracks/1:05:28 minutes

Buck Enterprises (aka Buck) is back yet again, only this time around they are doing something a little contructive. How would you like to listen to some of your favorite worship songs only with a Ska spin to them? Sounds good, but you want more don’t you? Well how about recorded live in concert? Well, for those of you who have wanted this for a while now (Oh come on, there has to be at least someone), you’ve got your wish!

As soon as you pop this disc (or cassette) into your player you will commence with a 48 second blurb of “It Is Well,” then you move on to three upbeat modern worship tracks, and following that is the start of a few slower songs. It really is up and down after that in terms of pace. 
So if you are going into this looking for a full Ska Worship experience, you may be disappointed, as it definitely has its slow moments. But remember it is worship after all, you should expect it.

When it comes down to modern worship, this is definitely an interesting diversion. However, I honestly find albums such as Jeff Deyo, old school SonicFlood, and so on more enjoyable. Probably because of the fact it is exactly what the genre says it is: Modern Worship (worship with a rock twist to it). Buck’s adaptation is live and ska…it just doesn’t give the gratifying feel as others.

It’s always difficult to tell for sure if people will like albums or not, but I think those who like worship music and/or Buck in general will find this album delightful, just as long as they don’t mind it being a live album.

Josh McConnell  07/20/02



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