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  The Right Amount
Artist: Bon Voyage 
Label: Tooth & Nail
Length: 10 tracks 

Four years after Bon Voyage’s self-titled debut, the husband-wife duo of Jason and Julie Martin are back with _The Right Amount-. The new album has just as much pop as before, but will probably not be banned in any Christian bookstores for its lyrics like the first record was.    

Songs like “Right Amount,” “Never Coming Back,” “Dressed in White,” “Telephone” and “Be What I Need” are simply addictive. The downside of the other tracks might be that they don’t have as many hooks, but the album is still quite enjoyable on repeated listens. The three-minute songs are also quite easy to listen to again and again. 

While the lyrics have mellowed this time around, the vocals are the same. Julie Martin does an excellent job singing and sounds just as good as Leigh Nash from Sixpence or Sydney Rentz from Morella’s Forest. Jason Martin’s role is less prominent, but no less significant as he does everything but sing.   

Overall, The Right Amount is thirty minutes of sugary pop that is a perfect soundtrack for driving, working or sleeping. The only tragedy is that it took four years to get another record out, but hopefully another project will be soon be on the horizon.    

Matt Modrich  11/7/2002



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