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  The Promise of My Lord
Artist: Karli Bonne
Modern Voices Recording (1998) 
Length: 8 tracks, 35 min.

Karli Bonne's CD The Promise of My Lord is a compilation of Bonne's original music. Here is a deeper, full-throated voice that begins each song with concentration. However, as the music progresses, the percussion drowns the singer out time after time with an incessant beat. This is not necessary. The first song, "Comforter Come Reside" is a prime example. The fifth song, "The Father's Plan" has good lyrics, "…your Father's plan is to keep you in the palm of his hand…" but I wish I could have truly caught the flavor of it without the drumbeat. Proceeds of the sale of this CD go to the Upper Room's 9-11 fund and ministry.

Copyright 2002 Marie Asner

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