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Cover Me
Artist: Brother’s Keeper
Label: Ardent Records
Length: 11 tracks/41:46 minutes

It’s been three years since their self-titled debut release, and now Brother

The first time I heard of Brother’s Keeper was when they made their first music video (“I Saw Heaven”) a couple years ago, and I saw it on a Christian music video show. I enjoyed the song very much, but never really thought about checking out their album. Now after hearing their latest, I just might have to check out their debut release!

Philip Enzor, Gabe Dunlap and John Sanders have created an amazing album, even without the fourth member who is obviously absent from it. With only three actual ballads (if you want to call them that), being “Take Me to The Cross,” “In His Love,” and the second “Out of My Blindness,” this album will keep your foot tapping and will make any pop lover happy! But even those who aren’t into pop as much should check these guys out (it's even got a little bit of rap on one track, “Be Like You”). The album is energetic with songs like “Blonde and Tan” and, like I said, “Be Like You” to name a couple of them. And as a point of interest, when you pop in the album you get the title track right off the bat! It has sort of an FFH sound to it, at least in his voice, which is pretty cool. So if you like FFH listen to the title track “Cover Me,” and while you are at it, check out the rest of the album!

This eleven-track album is great overall. I can’t wait until another album is released, hopefully it won’t be in the works for two years like this one. But then again, if it creates another great album, then it would be all for the best.

If there were one fan group I should recommend this group to, it would be all 4Him fans! Brother’s Keeper has great harmonies/voice control much like 4Him, and sounds a lot like them, so you will enjoy it!  But even if you haven’t heard 4Him, I would highly recommend it. Check it out when it hits store shelves on March 12th, 2002.

Josh McConnell 2/11/2002


From start to finish, Cover Me, the new album from Brother's Keeper, is a total ear pleaser. With its uplifting lyrics and upbeat tempos, the album is filled with one catchy tune after the other!

Starting with "Cover Me," the lively instrumentation includes the use of tambourine, keys, and driven guitars and the lyrics send a great message (also including the spoken Lord's Prayer). It will grab your attention right away, and keep it. 

Other energetic tunes include "Blonde and Tan," "Be Like You" (which has the most bouncy tempo on the album), "Out of This World," "Alive & Well," and "Born To Love You." 

Slower ballad-sounds can be found in their first single from the album, "Take Me To the Cross." The tune of this song is beautiful, and its lyrics are even more so as he sings in the chorus:

Take me to the manger so humble. 
Take me to the streets where he walked. 
Take me to where the grand teacher taught us. 
Take me to the cross. 
Lead me to the tomb of rejoicing, show me where my freedom was fought.
Show me where my sin was forgiven. 
Take me to the cross. 
Other slower tunes include, "In His Love," and "Out of My Blindness." The  latter includes wonderful harmonies, really showing off what they can do with their voices. 

The ending song "For This Day On" is, to me, the most beautiful of the album - a perfect way to end an album. With a slow tempo and softer vocals, leading into a powerful chorus with incredible harmonies and lyrics, this song is definitely one to check out. 

Overall, Cover Me has got a diverse sound. I was surprised to find the talent in Brother's Keeper to include such a variety of sounds: ranging from pop to ballads, to adult contemporary to rock. A must have for any Christian music fan!

Jessica Heikoop 2/17/2002

Brother's Keeper is one of the latest groups to pattern itself after what has already succeeded: several male singers, harmonies, pop/adult contemporary music designed to attract lite-rock fans and the younger crowd by occasionally inserting a rap edge.

"Cover Me" leads off the disc, and sounds like FFH mixed with DC Talk.  "Blonde and Tan" deals with self-image while on earth contrasted with the new body believers will receive in Heaven ­ the vocal here is somewhat like Rick Springfield. 

"Be Like You" and "Out of this World" both attempt to copy the rap/rock style made famous in CCM circles by DC Talk.  Unfortunately, neither is vocally nor musically up to that level.  There is a remake of the old White Heart song "In His Love" that breaks no new ground ­ the irony is that none of the members of this group are old enough to remember when this song was originally released.

Cover Me employs a sound marketing strategy ­ they have created a disc that is half adult contemporary, and half boy band/alternative rock.  By doing so, they hope to cross over into several areas of CCM radio.  Based on their sound, my bet is that they will succeed in this effort.

Brother's Keeper is somewhat in the Newsong mode, in that the harmonies sound really good, and they often trade leads.  To me, though, they sound almost too polished. Cover Me never deteriorates to the level of Backstreet Boys or NSync, but it is no different that most of the fodder served up by most of the Christian radio stations in this country.

Brian A. Smith 2/27/2002



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