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Rockin' the Suburbs
Artist: Ben Folds
Label: Epic
Length: 12 tracks

Rockin' the Suburbs, the 2001 release from Ben Folds is one of the best CD's to be released in the mainstream music market in all of 2001.

The CD paints a picture, a mental image, of what life looks like inside of Ben Folds.  While the songs are very reminiscent of the late Ben Folds Five, they have a more polished sense and a groove that makes it easy to repeat listen over and over.

Many of these songs make for great sing-a-longs like "Annie Waits," "Zak and Sara," "Rockin the Suburbs," and "Fired."  Upon a first listen, you will determine that the songs are very well written, while maintaining artistic originality.  My personal favorites were "Still Fighting It," "Carrying Cathy," and the title track.

Folds storybook style of songwriting fits so well with everything on this CD.  Besides that the songs flow very easily from one to another.  It's obviously that I love this CD, but hey, I'm just one person.  Take a listen for yourself.

John Wehrle 4/29/2002


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