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  Gifts of Love
Artist: Bruce & Lisa
Label: Level Ground Records
Tracks: 11/50:58

When I first saw the cover art on this project and read the press release saying that it was light jazz, I knew right away that I would not like it. First of all there is no such thing as light jazz, just ask Mark Robertson of This Train, he'll tell you. Now that we have gotten beyond that, I finally put the disc on and I love it. I still hold that this is not a jazz album although I would put it under the same category as material by John Tesh. Bruce Wethey plays electric violin and keyboards and Lisa LaCross plays flute. They both do so with a proficiency that makes this album a lot of fun to listen to. The tunes are light, bouncy and give a feeling of safety and comfort which is kind of nice. With the exception of one tune on which a child sings the whole project is instrumental in nature. I mean by the way, a small child vocalist, seemingly much younger than someone like Charlotte Church. It is the only down point in an otherwise up album. I would recommend this album for anyone who enjoys light music that is not insipid but thoroughly enjoyable. Check out their web site at

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock 9/17/2002

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