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  Memory (EP)
Artist: Autumn War
Label: 4507 Records
Length: 7/28:08

Chicago area band Autumn War exhibits some chops on Memory, a seven song EP.  “Cold” is the opener, a plea to be able to feel something other than pain and emptiness.  It employs a sound somewhat like Big Audio Dynamite, and the chorus will echo through your head for days.

“Sunlight” is more of a nod towards Smashing Pumpkins, and concerns itself with a painful breakup, at least on its surface.  “Nevermind” wants to leave the past behind. “Memory,” the title track, is built around the same guitar riff as “Spoonman,” the early 90’s Soundgarden tune. “There She Goes,” a depiction of man’s struggle with lust, has a harder tone to it, almost in the vein of Metallica, or Rage Against the Machine.  It is like a lot of harder music today, but not quite in the range of the nu-metal groups.  

Autumn War makes a fairly good case here that they will be worth checking out in the future.

Brian A. Smith   11/2/2002



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