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  Remixed O2
Artist: Avalon
Label: Sparrow
Length: 4/23:47 

This EP is a preview to the upcoming Avalon album, O2, which is intended as a complementary piece to their previous album, Oxygen.  Four songs are featured here, three of which [I think] are songs originally performed by others.  "My Oxygen," a Richard Page (Mr. Mister) song, leads off the CD, and uses some digital voice tricks to expand the song to 7:30.  Sadly, this adds nothing to the original, and ends up becoming redundant about halfway through. 

"In Not Of" calls us to be alert to the world around us, without getting caught up in its tendency toward wickedness.  The message is good, the performance is strictly adult contemporary.  "Can't Live a Day" is redone as a dance style song, complete with drum machine.  This seven-minute plus remix is full of loops, both vocally and instrumentally.  "A Maze of Grace" starts out with a Spanish-style guitar riff, then combines Cher-like vocals with Charlie Peacock-like backup vocals. 

If you are an Avalon fan, or a fan of "adult contemporary" music, this CD is probably just for you.  For me, I'm going to go pull out my much-prized Richard Page solo CD, and listen to the song that inspired the remix. 

Brian A. Smith 3/24/2002



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