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The Composites of Rock and Roll
Artist: All Access 
Label: Independent
Length: 5/17:38

All Access attempts to cover a lot of ground in their 5-song EP, The Composites of Rock and Roll.  In "Leave Me Alone," singer Doug Lucas details the struggle to find a sympathetic ear, or someone who will give him advice.  This song is done in a 70's punk style.  "This Kiss" about a couple on their wedding day, features a Brian May-type (Queen) guitar solo.

"Gone" is a Cheap Trick meets Green Day tune portraying a man at the end of his rope, pleading with God to help him, as he has exhausted all other options.  "What Happened to Reality" may be about a lost love, and recalls the sounds of Weezer.  "Too Good for You" opens with a Stone Temple Pilots-like guitar riff, then proceeds into 70's punk, almost in the Sex Pistols vein.  

The composites of rock and roll?  Not quite ­ there are many elements and styles that are omitted here.  The CD is enjoyable, though.  Fast-paced rock with strong vocals by Lucas, and harmonies by Snake Martin, Rob Orr, and Berret Hollywood make The Composites of Rock and Roll a fun listen.

Brian A. Smith 3/24/2002



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