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  Mystical Radical God
Artist: Aaron Thompson
Label: Independent
Length: 14 tracks / 58:56

Arizona resident Aaron Thompson clearly has a firm grasp of how to write bright breezy memorable catchy songs as this independent record fixed itself firmly in my brain from the first bars. Guitarist and singer, the album was recorded in a variety of small studios and in the back of his house (away from the bedrooms). Like many independents, it seems like he beat a path to the doors of the Nashville industry to be turned away for being too old!

Not a rare occurrence sadly when the industry seems content to put its dollars behind the latest teenagers on the block. However when it comes to straight forward mature communication of the truths and realities of faith, we need more artists of the calibre of Aaron Thompson. Battling against the budget he manages to create an album with a snappy pop sensibility whilst also writing the kind of Christian songs that kicked this whole shebang off. Remember songs that challenged your life and encouraged your heart with an unmistakable message. And he's left out the cheese!

_Mystical Radical God_ has a west coast sunny feel with optimistic songs like the celebratory intimate "Bask In Your Sunlight" and the splash of images that make up the breezy "Wayo". Highlights include "Salt" which feels like a Gospel version of "Love Train" with its shout out to Christians around the world. "You Are Free" retells some Gospel encounters of Christ whilst "Dwell" is a plea for God to transform our lives which breaks out in the middle into fun rock'n'roll. 

The title cut sees Mr Thompson indulging in a little bit of riffy guitar and distorted vocals as he considers the eternal qualities of God in the face of the realities of the hardness of life. Sometimes it's a good thing to listen to an album with a pure message, simple songs and an intensity designed to stir your heart. Personally I wish there were more albums that sought to minister, present good solid music rather than some  of the lightweight stuff that emanates from Music City. 

But hey! Maybe meaty songs like "Love Your Enemies" and "Mystical Radical God" are a little too in your face for the safe spiritual milk that passes for a lot of contemporary Christian stuff these days.

I like this! If you want to know more, shoot over to for all the info you need.

Mike Rimmer 9/14/2002


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