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  In Search Of…
Artist: Wonderboy PHD
Label: Independent
6 tracks/22:45

New York trio Wonderboy PHD has released a six song EP entitled _In Search Of_.  Singer Marq Fisher, guitarist/bassist Mark Rounds, and drummer Scott Mattson say that the title reflects many things, including the loss of their bass player, their spiritual growth, their passion for playing together, and the purpose of the band itself.

The EP opens with “Spirit of My Youth,” a yearning for the spiritual passion that new Christians often experience, then seem to lose. Fisher asks where the fire went: 

   Is there anyone left like me?
   Who’s fighting to stay free?
   Who is holding to the Truth
   The Spirit of my youth.
The band examines styles from straight ahead rock, to 70’s rock opera (“Less (Removing the Viewmaster)), to acoustic (Anymore, where Fisher’s vocals resemble a Metallica Unplugged segment.) “Glam Rock Love Song” is exactly what it sounds like.

The standout here is “Where in the Heck did Jaimie Vincent Go?,” a tune about growing up in a small town, and the idea that people change, but are still perceived as the same person they always were when they are at home.  It asks about the people they grew up with, and wonders where they are now, and expresses the desperation that can come from wanting to leave the small town environment.

Like many independents, the CD suffers at times from being self-produced, with Fisher’s vocals fighting to be heard above the instruments.  It would be interesting to hear the results if this band were to be signed to a large label.

Brian A. Smith 9/26/2001



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