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The Other Side of My Divorce
Artist: Wonderboy PHD
Label: 1340 Records
Time: 10 tracks, 35:35 minutes

After undergoing name and band changes, Wonderboy PHD emerged as an intelligent mix between grunge and modern rock with some slight metal influences.  Formerly known as Silverfish, the band has played with the likes of Morella's Forest and Seven Day Jesus, and releases their most recent original work.

The Other Side of My Divorce is a collective statement of the hurts and pains we all experience from our fallen world.  The songs were penned to reflect the idea that, as Christians, we are separated from the world we live in.  "Set Me Free" highlights that principle, of living out your life in the world but not of it.  "If I only knew then what I wish I knew now, maybe I could get free of this life somehow.  I feel like a tired old circus freak, I want to be long to something true.  Set me free."  Musically, the song is heavy, which leads me to believe the live show must be a killer.  The entire song is also sort of masked by a sound effect that almost distorts the vocals, which, for this song added to the overall sound. 

"Eye Hate," a similarly guitar heavy track, featured the same effect, which for this song was annoying.  The song speaks of lust and the traps that our eyes can lead us into.  Lyrically, the song anguishes through this struggle with the flesh and with the spirit while musically retaining the loud distortion characteristic of grunge.

"'Which One" slows the pace at first with softly melodic keyboard and light snare.  The song speaks of the struggles with the direction of life.  "What do I feel deep down in my soul?  Have I ever treaded there, am I in control? Do I know where I wanna go?  Do I know what I want to do?  Do I know who I wanna be?  Which one is me?'"

The album continues on a similar lyrical thread, ranging from heavy grunge sounds to slower, almost emo sounding tracks.  While production is a little weak at times, the lyrical thought and obviously intense musical soundtrack brings the daily struggles of Christian life into sharp focus.

By Kerry Maffeo 4/14/2001


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