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A Week in the Life of... Autumn Fall Vol. 1 
Artist: Various 
Label: Autumn Fall Records 
Length: 10 tracks 

Rookie record label Autumn Fall Records has undertaken perhaps one of_ the most difficult tasks in the art of music production, putting together a compilation that is consistent. In the tradition of most compilations, A Week in the Life of... is uneven. But the highlights are nice indeed. This emo compilation has some nice work from many indie bands, and its fair share of lame ducks. 

The opening track, "Theory of an Atom Collapsing" by Kenichiro, is perhaps the worst track on the disc. But once the listener is beyond that there are some nice things to follow. The second track, "On the Road to Recovery" by Glamour House, is a lush piece that conjures a dream like state in the listener's head. I had the feeling of floating on a cloud when I listened to it. 

Another highlight came from up and coming band Wes Dando and their contribution "My Confidence, Your Opinion" which is signature of the pop sound of Wes Dando. The vocals are unique and the music ability commendable. This band has a ton of potential. Given the right exposure they are going somewhere. 

The more punk sounds of band NPA on the track "Shooting Star" liven up the more dismal sounds of traditional emo. The track is a toe tapper if that's possible with emo/punk. 

Overall this compilation is very much like most compilations. Uneven... in the words of one of prime times greatest half hours of entertainment.... "You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life..." 

Aaron Bell 

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