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Artist: Waterworks
Label: Independent Release
Length: 10 Tracks

Need some cool tunes to mellow out to at the end of a long day?  Try Waterworks debut, which mixes acoustic rock with a light jazz feel.  The group is similar in style to the somber stylings of Pedro the Lion mixed with some of the more upbeat Starflyer 59 tunes. Waterworks hails from the Chicagoland area and features the vocal skills of Doran Stambaugh, the keyboard tinkling of Paul Bessenbacher, the bass playing of James Scott, and gentle, rolling drums by Jason Toth.

The project starts out with the warm and fuzzy feeling "Odonata," followed by the slightly louder, although still peaceful "Circus Life."  That track has Phish like undertones in which Waterworks lays a mild jam out on the table surrounded by colorful lyrics. "My Own Man" a delicate, yet liberating piece is one in which Stambaugh puts his faith in balance with the dreams he holds in the back of his mind.

The project builds in quality as it goes, like on the coffee shop friendly "Hard Look" and the tranquil "Memoirs in My Pen."  The finale is a seven minute tapestry of sounds and emotions called "Opening Night," which could be interpreted as a love song about a newly married couple. 

Waterworks has garnered a lot of Midwest attention, including press write ups in the Chicago Reader and Cornerstone Magazine.  Their sound is enjoyable and the entire album makes for a comfortable listen all the way through.  Plus, this group is one of the few that can have a quiet sound without putting the listener to sleep.

Andy Argyrakis  2/10/2001


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