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Beyond This Song
Artist: Vicki Yohe
Label: Aluminum Records/Diamante
Time: 10 tracks/43:51 min.

Beyond This Song is an offering from Vicki Yohe that has potential for growth for the listener (and illustrates potential for growth for the artist). There are a few tunes from this project that are instant ear-catchers!

Upon my first listen, I almost dismissed this entire project as being Point of Grace or Sierra wannabe material. The lead-off track, "Never Too Late for Love" is incredibly predictable in its music arrangement, but because the lyrics are good, I hung on and am glad I did.

"The One That I Pursue," "Concert for You" and "Undenying Love" are love songs to God, and while they are not overtly praise and worship, the lyrics are sweet. "I Will Love You Forever" (by Sonia Vannest) is a solid praise and worship offering. Vicki hasn't written her own material (with exception of "The Other Side," co-composed with producer Brian Hardin) but has chosen fine songs for Beyond This Song.

Both "Jehovah Jireh" and "Beyond This Song I Sing" are composed/co-composed by Ronnie Freeman. Both are narrative songs that outline the frailty of the human condition but that with God, there is hope. Vicki Yohe sings them with absolute conviction, showcasing her incredibly solid singing voice. These two songs are certain to tug at the listener's heartstrings.

"Hopes Are High" is another tune whose arrangement isn't terribly imaginative, but the melody is pretty. "Real" is upbeat and is perhaps the nicest arrangement of Beyond This Song since it focuses on Hardin's beautiful piano skills and a strong bed of backing vocals to bring Yohe's voice to the focal point. "Concert for You" is also a nice arrangement to some excellent lyrics. The project's final track, "The Other Side," is simply Yohe's voice and Hardin's piano, and it's a wonderful way to end this project, in a prayerful tone.

I suggest a few listenings to Vicki Yohe's Beyond This Song to allow it to grow in familiarity with the listener. Yohe has the potential to evolve into a top-notch, five-tock talent. I like the songs she and producer Brian Hardin have chosen, and with a better focus on Yohe as herself -- not a POG or Sierra sound -- Yohe's certainly going places.

Olin Jenkins September 26, 2001



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