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Beyond the Stars
Artist: Ultrabeat
Label: BEC
Time: 15 Tracks/ 

Ultrabeat's Erik Augustsson certainly has a gift.  He wrote, performed, produced and mixed all the tracks on his sophomore release, Beyond the Stars.  The entire album blends house, techno and dance music beautifully, creating a sound that feels more alive and energetic than the one found on his previous release.  It is split into two parts, the first nine tracks are actual songs with words, while the remaining six tracks are instrumentals.  The separate sections are titled "Spacepop 2001" and "Dreamplanet," describing the feel of the grouping of songs perfectly.

The music and lyrics on Beyond the Stars are sometimes mysterious and sometimes very simple.  One song that stands out is "Jesusrave," a song that could definitely be played in a dance club.  The track is easy to follow with its steady beat and pulsing lyrics:

rave, rave to the beat 
come on, come on and move your feet 
rave, rave to the beat 
come on come and move your feet 
Jesus Christ is living and alive 
gave His life so you can survive 
it's just one way to get free like I am 
wake up and see that you are dying 
call upon Jesus name 
and join us in our flashy Jesus rave
The album is definitely a leap from Ultrabeat's debut, as it sounds like it was worked on harder and more thought was put into the music and lyrics.  Any fan of dance/electronic music will enjoy the album and dance-club atmosphere it can create.

Chelsea Lewis ) 3/17/2001

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