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Artist: Tunnel Rats
Label: Uprok Records
Length: 22 tracks at 70:34 minutes

It's been a couple of years since we've heard from the Tunnel Rats. The line up has altered a little since the 1999 Experience record, but still constitutes Christian hip hop's finest super-crew. New Breed, Raphi, LPG, Dert, Sev Statik, and Zane together make up the core of the well-rounded musical genius that fills Tunnelvision.

The record starts with the question, "So, where have you guys been?" The answer begins with a powerful groove and continues through a couple of tracks that make it clear that the Tunnel Rats are back and will be demanding the attention of body, mind, and spirit for the next hour and ten minutes. The Tunnel Rats songs are moving on a myriad of levels. Several of the Rats tell us what's on their minds as the CD moves along quickly. At track seven Zane checks in with a track called, "Ladies," that even the brothers are going to receive. She speaks of how women have learned and taken a lesser position than God had in mind for them. Standing against condescending male abuse she says, "Ladies, free your mind and your heart will follow. Do it now girl, you ain't promised tomorrow." Perpetuating the positive reinforcement, track eight, "2 Cents," encourages the listener to do the best today with what you have. It's too easy for others to talk down to you when you're low, even when they don't have the experience or the wisdom worth two cents. "Talk is cheap."

The CD goes on with the title track, "Tunnel Vision," and then into so many great tracks, great beats, and quality, deep lyrics that it would be exhausting to elucidate. The Tunnel Rats bring it hard and faithful and true all the time. The CD is full of Bible studies if one is ready to dig them out. In the song "One's Who Don't," the Rats contend, "The truth is Christ is real. The truth is Satan is real. One came to give life, one came to kill. . . Which truth do you choose? Which truth do you reveal?" Other stand out tracks are: "Change" featuring Zane again, "Tripped Over A Dream," "Line Finish," the final listed cut, "Remember," and the unlisted remixed/vocal version of "Change." These 22 tracks of seriously inventive music and reality, put Tunnel Rats on the point of hip hop, and make Tunnelvision the best rap record of the year. 

I'm feelin' it!

Tony LaFianza 10/24/2001



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