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Artist: Trinity Hi-Fi
Label: TVT Records
Length: 12 Tracks

Lush dance beats and jazzy vocals are blended together on Trinity Hi-Fi's U.K. album smash Fuego.  This solo artist's real name is Kay Dee Kay, and she got some of her musical interest from the Beatles growing up in Liverpool, England.  In fact, Kay was so in tune with music that she went on to teach at Paul McCartney's School of Music.  The result of her time there led her to meet many people in the English music scene, as well as refine her skills as a singer and songwriter.  

She started with an acoustic guitar and piano, along with pen and paper to prepare for the disc.  The creative juices flowed, and her inspiration came not from the Beatles but from some of the most soulful women to ever record music, like Aretha Franklin and Ella Fitzgerald.  

The unique thing about the record is her ability to maintain such a tradition while adding an electronic element to the traditional style.  On "TV Dinner for One," she sings smoothly to the beat of a thumping bass and rapping background male vocalists.  She slows down things with piano based "Lost You," a sad song about loneliness.  A slow pounding dance loop is sampled in, along with a gentle keyboard simulating a quiet orchestra.  

On "Certainly Not," Kay croons an easy listening style while she keeps things fresh with a drum program mixed in with some additional subtle percussion.  The best jazz piece on the project is "Take it Slow," which is in vein of the tender Sade.  Kay's vocals are accentuated by a gentle saxophone and mild bass beat. 

This project is destined for more success overseas, but Kay under the name Trinity Hi-Fi gives music lovers from all over the world a refreshing variety of styles and sounds. 
Andy Argyrakis 1/28/2001

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