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  take back the beat
Artist: The Tribe
Label: Alliance
Length: 3 tracks

The UK's Christian labels seem to have recently discovered the possibility of testing out new acts with the release of CD singles. So it is that the first outing of The Tribe, the slimmed down child of World Wide Message Tribe, is this two track and one remix collection.

The sound is still poppy dance, but with a slightly more sophisticated touch to the beats and more consistency than recent WWMT offerings (this being a single may be to thank for that). The female vocals on the title track sound a little hoarse to these ears, but it's a decent pop-dance song. That's followed by a fairly standard Backstreet Boys-esque male fronted track which again isn't bad, but could do with a little more energy.

At this point, it's still difficult to see how this new act will develop. There's been a definite shift from the WWMT sound, and this single will help establish the new act in peoples' minds, but the two tracks are sufficiently different that they don't give much impression of how the album will sound.

James Stewart  06/15/2001

James Stewart is a writer, web-designer and student based near London, UK. He co-ordinates the Greenbelt Festival's website and runs Britlinks website, dedicated to Christian involvement in British and Irish music.
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