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The Boneyard Box Set
Artist: T-Bone
Label: Metro One Music
Length: 3 discs, 45 tracks, 180 minutes

T-Bone has been on the hip hop scene for 10 years. T-Bone was one of the first rappers to bring a West Coast gangster sound to the Christian music CD shelves. With deep bass under most of his rap beats and a style that is diverse, T-Bone is a popular artist among some hip hop fans. However, T-Bone took a sabbatical from the studio and did some mission work for a couple of years. Now that this old man of rap is back, Metro One has decided it's time for an overview of T-Bone's career by selecting quite a few of the rapper's biggest songs for a box set. 

As the new CD is a collection of past tracks, The Boneyard Box Set is a mixed bag. Some of the tracks are pretty dated and some are still fairly fresh. Rapping about violence, either in the streets or in the spiritual realm, T-Bone uses a couple of styles. He can rap with a slow, Snoop Dogg flow or a fast "iggitie, iggitie" style that makes him sound faster than he actually is. Vocalizing about beating up, shooting, or otherwise putting down demons is a favorite topic over the years. The other topic T-Bone addresses is life on the streets of the LA ghetto. He savors the image of the redeemed hoodlum. 

The raps are not bad. The beats are not bad. The style and the sound is not bad. None if it is great, however. At onetime T-Bone was relevant and interesting but now the beats and the raps seem shallow. Compared to the powerful rap acts now recording, T-Bone is just scraping the surface. In other words, T-Bone is the hip hop Carman.

Tony LaFianza 10/21/2001



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