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Live From the Acoustic Stage
Artists: Various
Label: Silent Planet Records
Tracks: 18/76:30 

Just when you think you have heard the best that the year has to offer another package comes in the mail. Silent Planet Records is releasing a compilation offering of their acoustic stage performances from the 2001 Cornerstone Festival. This small record label has  for the last couple of years been releasing some of the best music to come down the pike in many a long year. It is with eager glee that I await each album that this label puts out, I haven't been disappointed yet. This album is definitely in my top five for the year and I don't see that changing in the foreseeable future. The performances as I said were recorded at this years Cornerstone and consist mainly of the label's roster of artists with a few surprises thrown in for good measure. Hosted by John Fischer, apparently this was the place to be at C'stone this year, that is, if this record is any indication of what the rest of the shows were like. Now I know that I'm showing my age, almost 52, but I absolutely love good acoustic music. It's not my fault, blame Annie Quick and Bill Mallonee, they are the ones to blame.

Some of the standout cuts on the album are from Jan Krist performing "Time," Phil Madeira doing "It'll Do For Now," Claire Holley with "Oh My," and Jason Harrod doing "Lions Song" Besides the songs themselves the company has in my humble opinion wisely decided to leave intact some of the artist intros to the various pieces. Let me go on record here as saying that Phil Madeira is one sick puppy, I love him!! It is great hearing the teaming of the different people backing and helping out each other. Amon Krist doing backing vocals for her mom, Jan is a delight, Lost Dogs are just impressive live as they are on their studio releases. This was my first experience at hearing Christopher Williams and trust me it won't be my last. Brooks Williams is one of the best acoustic guitar players out there. Next year how about a video package to go along with the cd. It is releases like this that make me glad and very proud to be associated with this industry. Silent Planet, you done good!!!

Track List:
Jan Krist - Time
Brooks Williams - Love Came Down
Terry Scott Taylor - If You Want To
Tom Prasada-Rao -Falling Star
The Choir -Yellow Skies
Claire Holley -Oh My
Aaron Sprinkle -Sweeter Than Me
Lost Dogs -A Certain Love
Jason Harrod -Lion Song
Skatman Meredith -Canyon
Christopher Williams -Each Others Blessing
Jan Krist -Waiting For The Cosmic Side To fall
Brooks Williams -Old Blue
Terry Scott Taylor -Papa Danced On Olvera Street
Phil Madeira -It'll Do For Now

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock 10/16/2001



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