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Pokemon The Movie 2000:  The Power of One
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Atlantic
Length: 16 Tracks

It's hard to pop in a CD soundtrack to the children's movie Pokemon and expect to hear songs with deep substance.  That's alright though, because I thought of the demographic this project appeals to, and for kids, this is a must have CD. 

The disc features songs, which correspond to the movie, and Atlantic Records did a great job of assembling a list of both today's hottest musicians, and a few retro acts from the past.

The album starts out with the disco diva Donna Summer's song "The Power of One."  The tune starts out slow and builds up in typical power ballad style to be an appropriate title track to the disc. 

Pokemon is invaded by several boy bands, including Plus One, Westlife, and Youngstown.  Plus One's "With All Your Heart" is a pleasant pop ballad, similar in style to the title cut from their full length disc, also on Atlantic Records, "The Promise." It's nice to see a group that has an inspirational message rather than one that dwells on the frivolous dramas of teenage life.

Westlife and Youngstown sound almost identical on their respective tracks "Flying Without Wings," and "Pokemon World."  However, Youngstown is able to mix it up with some additional help from Nobody's Angel, who join them on the track.  

The disc's other retro acts include The B-52's and "Weird Al" Yankovic, who are both known for their humor mixed with rock and roll.  The B-52's are always keeping things fun, as they do with their contribution "The Chosen One," and "Weird Al" lends his comical style to the appropriately titled parody about the
film "Polkamon."

The project can also be stuck in your computer to catch some scenes from the movie.  However, don't expect it to be a quick accessing process.  The CD only brings you to a website from which you have to download the scenes from the film.

For those with children, or those with young relatives or friends, consider this to be a fun gift idea.  If you don't fall into that category, don't bother.  Chances are you didn't even consider picking this one up anyway.

Andy Argyrakis 3/17/2001

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