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Invasion of the Nanomachines
Artist: Various Artists 
Label: Ballistic Test Productions
Length: 12 tracks, 58:38 

I'm a fan of Industrial music, particularly those bands on the metal side of things: Circle of Dust, Klank, Fell Venus, Chatterbox, Argyle Park, and the like.  But the good ol' days of industrial are apparently over as evidenced by this latest collection from Ballistic Test Productions.

Ever since I first discovered Industrial music back in the early to mid-90s I've been dying to find more quality bands.  Unfortunately they aren't here. 

Most of the bands here lean toward the Industrial/electronic side of the genre along with some dance, techno, and synthpop.  And unless you are looking for a "beats-per-minute" fest, this is probably not the place to go.

The album starts off with Australia's EYE featuring the goth-tinged vocals of someone who goes by the name of Lady Cadaver.  Need I say more?  Also unimpressive were the offerings from Audio Paradox, Colossal Spin, Midiboy, Substructure, Paragon Null, and Faith.  The best tunes on the disc are "Lower" from Confession of Faith and "Familiar Conceptions Die Hard" from sixty-below.  Weighing in with "so-so" efforts are Jagged Doctrine, A Different Kind of Cop, and Null Factor. 

It's a shame, but there isn't much here worth writing home about.  The best I can say for this disc is that it would make an OK soundtrack to a party...a very loud party.

Ken Mueller 1/29/2001

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