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  Mystery Revealed
Artist: Melissa Tawlks 
Label: Pamplin Records
Time: 40:13 minutes

Mystery Revealed is Melissa's solo debut album. Tawlks is only 20 years old yet she has already been singing for over six years and has been a featured vocalist and worship leader in Acquire the Fire. Her goal: "To mobilize young people. First and foremost, I know that my life has got to help fulfill the Great Commission." To accomplish this, she has made one of the most beautiful albums I've ever heard. Her voice is amazing and it's so easy to just sit and listen to over and over again.

The first track, "Mystery Revealed," is guaranteed to catch your attention with her aesthetic vocals and make you want to keep on listening. The next track, "Closer," has a beautiful and strong chorus with louder use of the instruments; it's powerful and uplifting. "Save Me" was written by Ben & Robin Pasley (100 Portraits) and it has a great beat, acoustic guitar, and a beautiful feeling. "Your Name Is Great" has a stronger beat than most of the others. It features more electric guitars and drums, but isn't overly loud. "The One Thing" is described by Melissa to be "artist driven." It is a track that definitely stands out among the others because her voice, the instruments, the bridge and chorus are all perfect.

Every song is uplifting, with lyrics of praise and love and the perfect music to go along with it. It's definitely an album that anyone can listen to and love. The music goes from fast to slow, loud to quiet, and her vocals are calming and can be compared to such artists as Sarah McLaughlin and Dido. This is an album I highly recommend.

Jessica Heikoop 3/7/2001

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