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  Your Love Broke Through: The Worship Songs of Keith Green
Artist: Various
Label: Sparrow
Time: 10 tracks, 39:55 minutes

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the sheer number of tribute albums and covers of the music of one of Christian music’s most seminal artists says plenty.  From the sixties to the new millennium the power of Keith Green’s music continues to touch generations.

Your Love Broke Through: The Worship Songs of Keith Green pulls together a wide range of contemporary artists paying tribute to some of the classic praise songs Green penned in his short life.  Although all his works could arguably be classified as worship, this collection features some of the more popular and widely known tracks.  

From Twila Paris’ rendition of “Rushing Wind,” to worship leader Darlene Zschech’s “How Majestic Is Your Name,” to Martin Smith’s (Delirious) “Create In Me A Clean Heart,” this album retains the original message of the song while adding the stylistic fingerprints of the individual cover artist. 

Perhaps the highlight of the album is the previously unfinished song, “He’s The One,” completed masterfully by Michael W. Smith and Martin Smith.  This track alone is worth acquiring the album.  

Other tracks include: “You Are The One (How I Love You),” Jason Upton; “There Is A Redeemer,” Michelle Tumes; “Your Love Broke Through,” Rebecca St. James and guest vocalist Phil Keaggy; “Make My Life A Prayer To You,” Matt Redman and Paul Oakley; “O Lord You’re Beautiful,” featuring the original vocals of Keith Green with an added ensemble of album artists; “Draw Me,” Sarah Sadler; “The Lord Is My Shepherd,” Charlie Hall and Joanne Hogg; and “Lord I’m Gonna’ Love You,” Chris Tomlin.

Twenty years after his death, Keith Green still lives on in the words and music that once touched a generation as it does today.

Kerry Maffeo 11/11/2001


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