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I Love Your Presence: Live from the U.K.
Artists: Worship leaders Brenton Brown, Nigel Briggs, and Kathryn Scott
Label: Vineyard Music
Time: 12 tracks/52:28 minutes

Vineyard Music offers the best of praise and worship music, and I Love Your Presence: Live from the U.K" is no exception, specifically for those who enjoy the powerful projects Surrender or Hungry. It's well worth your church's or personal praise and worship time to listen. Recorded live at the April 2000 "Doin' the Stuff" conference, the premise of this P&W event is pure worship, with acoustic guitars and a band lifting His name.

"I Lift My Eyes Up," based on Psalm 121, is a fine kick-off, and the tempo flows smoothly to "Hallelujah" ("Your Love is Amazing") by Brenton Brown and Brian Doerksen, and while I prefer the "Surrender" version, this live recording is a standout song, along with "Father of Lights," "Who Is This," and the classic, "Blessed Be the Name." Each of these songs begins beautifully with simple arrangements and blossoms to everyone in the congregation taking part, in a slow yet beautiful culmination to Jesus and about Jesus.

"Holy Fire" by Steve Mitchinson and Brian Doerksen, originally from Winds of Worship 12: Live from London is a sturdy version but not quite as pretty as the London version. "When I Survey," built on the classic hymn, is a true gem! I like this rendition very much, with piano, Kathryn Scott's voice and everyone worshipping.

Overall, this recording is fine-tuned in its production value of capturing the worship leaders and worshippers. "I Love Your Presence," the title track, is a good way to cap it off, with the same type of guitar beginning and the rest of band rolling in as worship continues and builds.

This recording's shortfall is that some parts sound more like Hillsongs Australia rather than classic Vineyard Music, which are perhaps best showcased on the "Winds of Worship" projects. "Pour Out My Heart" and "Who Is This" seem to interrupt the flow of what should be a more consistent progression of events. These inconsistencies are minor, since the entire project is well worth the listen and well worth lifting the name of Jesus Christ, as Vineyard has done once again.

Olin Jenkins  February 17, 2001

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