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Artist: Formula 316 
Label: Autumn Fall Records 
Length: 8 tracks 

Formula 316 is a new band, on a new label, but does that mark where the newness ends? On some parts of this release the listener can hear sounds very much reminiscent of other bands, on other parts a signature sound begins to peak its head out. But overall this is a solid release from an up and coming band. 

The second track, "On My Way," is very reminiscent of Plankeye. The harmonies on the lead vocals are very good and make the track nice to listen to. The song is one of the more catchy on the album. Another standout is the song "Longshot" with its chorus: 

This is a longshot 
it's all I have 
I'm ready to step it up 
all I need is Your hand 
And this is a longshot i
t's who I am 
I'm ready to take off 
all I need is a plan 

The song talks about being ready to do what God has in store for someone, and just waiting for that plan to be revealed. 

The album is a nice national debut from a good pop-punk band. 

Aaron Bell 

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