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  King Planet
Artist: FoldZan
Label: Nowhere Music
Length: 7 tracks/24:52
With funky beats, loud guitars, and tight production, FoldZan, formerly known as Fold Zandura, releases King Planet, a 7-song EP to whet your appetite for more. Like all rock music,  its meant to be played LOUD.  From the opening track, "King Planet," a mean, rocking jaunt with percussive effects bounding back and forth across the stereoscape, to the smooth and relaxing "Way You Are," FoldZan explores many facets of rock-flavored electronica ­ or is it electronica-rock?
Jyro Xhan wrote all seven songs on King Planet and contributes vocals and guitar.  Jerome Fontamillas is the other half of the duo which formed Fold Zandora after the band Mortal broke up.  Carla Joy Lavilla contributes smooth, light vocals on "Way You Are," a refreshing departure from the rest of the album's intense, almost angry sound. In reality, it is difficult to classify the broad range of sounds they deftly present, but FoldZan has a similar sound and style to Newsboys, Pax 2:17, Project 86, and the O.C. Supertones. "Silverlight," for example, is a radio-friendly pop/rock tune with a catchy chorus, while "Lunar Wave" is a spacey sounding track that will please old Mortal fans.
This may be a hard-to-find CD since it has not been widely distributed at the normal outlets, and the site, as of this writing, has been down for some time. One can probably contact Floodgate Records to get a copy. It is also possible to download additional singles from at a pricey $2.49 each.  Any way you get FoldZans music, it is worth keeping in the media player for a while.
Zik Jackson 5/26/2001
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