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Artist: Flip
Label: Indie
Length: 2 Track Single

Flip hosts a dance-oriented groove on their track "Keep Moving," which starts out with an Echoing Green-meets-Pet Shop Boys-type beat. In fact, during the middle of the song, sound effects bear uncanny similarity to the traffic noise in the latter group's hit "West End Girls." The message of "Keep Moving" has to do with fighting through the rough waters that any person of faith may experience. Issues of doubt, frustration, and confusion are shared, but in the end, they have to be turned over to God. The second track is more somber in sound, crossing the styles of quiet Joy Electric and subdued Depeche Mode. The distorted vocals are difficult to understand, but the slow, bass-laced groove will mellow out the listener.

Andy Argyrakis 4/14/2001



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