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  Festival Con Dios
Artist: Various  
Label: Compilation
Time: 16 tracks, 61:12 minutes

When the Newsboys go on tour, they go all out with production, making each concert a venue for both entertainment and worship.  This year, they took along some of the hottest artists in Christian music for each mammoth eight-hour festival date.

Each show brought together not only musicians, but also renowned speakers, extreme sports demonstrations and opportunities for concert goers to participate in a wide variety of events like wall climbing, trampoline bungee jumping, and a myriad of other such interactive activities.

Inspired by this huge tour, a compilation CD was released with the best of the sixteen bands involved in the tour.  Featuring hit radio singles, this album is like owning a radio playlist minus DJ chatter.  The album is set up with an even mix of heavier modern rock and hip-hop and slightly softer top 40 hits.

From the Newsboys' "Joy" to Earthsuit's "One Time" to Tree63's "Look What You've Done," Festival Con Dios definitely hits the high points of the concert tour.  Other bands include, Audio Adrenaline's "Will Not Fade," The O.C. Supertones' "Wilderness," Switchfoot's "You Already Take Me There," Skillet's "Alien Youth," Pax217's "A.M.," T-Bone's "Ride Wit Me," Luna Halo's "Superman," Superchic[k]'s "Barlow Girls," Pillar's "Open Your Eyes," Cadet's "God Man," The Elms' "Hey, Hey," The Benjamin Gate's "All Over Me," and Phat Chance's "Without You."

Kerry Maffeo  10/15/2001


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