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Beautifully, Tragically, and Unexpectedly
Artist: Farfetched 
Label: Salad Dressing Records 
Length: 13 tracks/48:00

Farfetched is a four piece Canadian pop/punk band that has a lot to say on Beautifully, Tragically, and Unexpectedly.  This album features energetic, driving guitar chords, and intelligent vocals that provoke thought and make the listener examine his own life.

“For Me” opens the CD, and since as a reminder of our need to further develop our relationship with Christ, and the need for reliance on Him. “Results” points to those who think they can never measure up, to be good enough.  “New Excuse” is a warning against being lukewarm:

 Another cloudy afternoon,
 Traffic’s always jammed.
 One excuse to slip up
 You’re back to where you began.
“Strangers” points out our need to love the people around us, even if they seem unlovable, and about the way we can walk by them without seeing their needs or what they can give to us. Conrad sings:
 You’ve changed my view of people
 I see now without prejudgement
 I was brought up to ignore you
 You’ve shown me what love really meant.
“Welcome Back” is a song that may be written from the view of one of the twelve disciples - it speaks of misunderstanding Christ’s purpose, and His unexpected departure.

The recurring theme on Beautifully, Tragically, and Unexpectedly seems to be that of overcoming sin and its effects on our lives.  Farfetched strives to offer hope in dealing with the pain and frustration that we deal with every day.  Occasionally, the music overwhelms the vocals, but in general this album is driving and energetic, with a sound not unlike that of The Toadies.

Brian A. Smith 8/28/2001



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