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Artist: A Far Far Better Thing
Label: Youth for Christ 
Length: 4/18:35

A Far Far Better Thing is a four song project released this year by the Youth for Christ organization.  Vocalist Dave Warren wrote all of the songs, sings, and plays acoustic guitar on every track ­ his voice resembles any number of 70's singer-songwriters, from Jim Croce at times, to Dan Fogelberg at others.  Rachel Cadeby adds backup vocals, as well as singing the lead on "Redemption Song for Me".  James Farrell adds acoustic guitar, and Rick Hall is the resident jack of all trades, providing acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, drums, percussion, and co-producing the album along with Warren.

"Gabriel's Wings" opens the album, and is a portrayal of a person struggling to hold it all together, and realizing they cannot do it on their own.  "Even If" is a song that could be about a relationship between lovers or a person and God.  It considers all of the trials that get in the way of dealing with others and affirms that this one, somehow, is different.  "Redemption Song for Me" features Cadeby's vocals, and contains some nice guitar work in the bridge by Hall and Warren.  "Nothing but the Blood of Jesus" is a reworking of the old hymn.

Warren's vocals and the acoustic guitar work give this CD a 70's sound overall, odd for an album where none of the players are over 25 years old.  This does not detract from the quality of the album, though.  There is definitely some potential here, if the participants wish to pursue another project in the future.

Brian A. Smith 10/21/2001 



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