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Stranger Than Fiction EP
Artist: The Evoka Project
Label: Hero Recording Co. 
Time: 4 Tracks 16:45


The most difficult thing about coming to an opinion about this band all lies in their credibility. The press kit notifies the listener that the band had never played a show before this EP was recorded.  All of the soul, heart, and lyrics that you hear are all coming from a studio, not a performance.  Does it show through?  Somewhat.  It's almost as if The Evoka Project is trying to fit the genre rather than letting it come through naturally.  Are they worth checking out?  It all depends on your taste. They definitely aren't for everyone but for the Top 40 crowd looking for some melodic modern rock then go for it. I see a major resemblance/influence of Jimmy Eat World in The Evoka Project. But they fail to capture the heart of their predecessors.

Besides the three mediocre tracks that were on the EP, "Downer" was an amazing song. With Samiam style vocals, and emo (gosh, I said the "e" word)  style pop songwriting it becomes the only song on the EP worth putting on repeat. It's not that the other songs are trash, but they all sound the same and are too formulaic to bother listening to. Overall, I can't say that I'm looking forward to a full length, but the majority of the modern rock scene will. Just the same, I stlil wish these guys the best of luck.

Justin W. Jones 1/7/2001



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