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  Out of the Overflow: A Modern Worship Recording
Artist: Everybodyduck
Label: Audio X Records
Time: 34 minutes, 34 seconds

Responding to the huge success of their debut worship album, Everybodyduck released their newest worship offering, Out of the Overflow.  Already an industry-respected rock band, they have joined, once again, the flood of artists across the genres of meeting the spiritual hunger of searching audiences 

Their 1999 worship debut, Seized by the Power of a Great Affection, attracted the attention of the music industry in such a way that it catapulted them once again into the spotlight as one of four featured artists by Interlinc, an organization devoted to joining together the forces of Christian musicians and 
youth ministers.

Out of the Overflow merely continues to ride the tidal wave of fan response and manages to pack a punch both musically and lyrically.  Mixing original songs with energy infused versions of well-known praise choruses, the album promises to stand on its own as a serious work.

The album opens with the cheerfully sweet harmonies and light-pop feel of “Redeemed.”  The track, an upbeat praise song, speaks of our new life as Christians.  “I’ve been redeemed, I’ve been redeemed, Washed and cleaned, I’ve been redeemed.”  So simple, yet so powerful, the song could easily be 
transposed into a new Sunday school favorite.

It only gets better with “You Are There,” a song which echoes the Psalms in reminding listeners that wherever you go God is still there.  “Sustained” is another spiritually meaty track which is simply a focussed prayer of thanks to God for His love.  “Your love is enough, Don’t need men’s applause, I know what I’m worth, I remember the cross.” 

“Lord You Have My Heart,” the much-sung praise chorus, is set to a slightly different musical arrangement than its many predecessors.  Soft percussion and the warm, rolling sounds of a piano, accompanied by the strong vocal talents of Molly Jenson.

Other praise choruses such as “Arms of Love” and “Shout To the Lord” also feature minor musical arrangement differences than versions others have recorded, but serve still as a vehicle for a very strong message.

Out of the Overflow is sure to be a favorite among fans and new inductees into the world of Everybodyduck.   Powerful vocals, serious lyrics and feet-tapping musical arrangements make this a strong album.

Kerry Maffeo 2/20/2001

Everybodyduck is zany. I'll get back to that idea later, but first, if you haven't kept up with these guys since their anthems, "Hair," "More of You," and "Still Know How to Groove," Everybodyduck has new band members (lead vocalist Darrin McWatters is the mainstay) and its second praise and worship offering.

Praise music fits Everybodyduck like hand-in-glove and vice-versa. Musically, this project, Out of the Overflow, has a Caedmon's Call feel to it. It has its bright moments.

For more than one reason besides the fact the music and lyrics are beautiful, supplied with the lyrics are the guitar tabs within the liner notes! Buy a copy of Out of the Overflow, and you're set to play these songs -- some new and some familiar -- they've fine-tuned at Hume Lake Christian Camps. The rendition of delirious?'s Martin Smith's "Lord You Have My Heart" is beautifully sung by Molly Jenson. I was immediately taken aback by "You've Got the Right Words," best known by Rich Young Ruler. These songs alone are worth the price of admission, as these versions put some musical meat and potatoes here, with an Everybodyduck stamp. The band's original "You Are There" is clearly the standout song from this collection.

Most of this project is acoustic-guitar oriented (again, the tabs help out P&W leaders), but I said I'd say Everybodyduck is zany (what else does one say about a band that named its last project "8 Seconds on a Holy Cow"?). Add some electric guitars to "Shout to the Lord," and here's some near-classic Everybodyduck. Good idea, but it's unpolished, much like the Insyderz' rough "Skalleluia 2" version. What really works for me is the zaniness of "Stand," a brand new signature song for the band that should be played on Christian Hit Radio stations. It's almost as much fun as "Still Know How to Groove."

Overall, Out of the Outflow is a fairly consistent and sturdy project from Everybodyduck, but I expected more -- perhaps musically and lyrically, a song along the lines of "More of You" ("Stand" comes close). There's room, since this project is only 35 minutes long! More songs like "You've Got the Right Words" and "You Are There" will solidify this band's place in contemporary praise and worship. They've been on their way already at Camp Hume and will continue to do so, as Everybodyduck is on the verge of having us want to see concerts and/or worship events and sing along with these songs.

Olin Jenkins    February 20, 2001


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