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  An Evening of Vineyard Worship 2
Artists: Dave Chumchal, Dave Absalom, Stacy Herzog, and Christina Lutz
Label: Vineyard Music
Time: 12 tracks/52:14 minutes

This recording is the second in a series of An Evening of Vineyard Worship, the follow-up to An Evening at the Nashville Vineyard. This new series sounds like the Touching the Father's Heart series, as the scenario seems just a bit more intimate.

The worship team begins with "My King and My God," a solid kick-off, featuring a full rock-acoustic band that falls back just enough to allow the worshippers to join in with an a capella chorus. The song flows nicely to "You Are the Source," including a jazz interlude that's very sweet.

As Vineyard's recordings always exhibit, there are incredibly beautiful worship songs here. "For the Glory of My God" exemplifies the theme of "the rocks cry out." The other standout worship songs are "Shine Our Way," and "For You."

The Nashville project has a more robust flavor (example: "Be Found Ready," including heavier guitars and more bite to the lyrics), but there are moments from this worship team which rival this theme. "I Will Worship You Alone" rocks! Ditto for "Heart Full of Love," which sounds musically, like the Who ("Baba O'Reilly" from Who's Next).

There are some worship songs here that sound predictable. "How Wonderful You Are" and "Gentle Arms" are fine performances, but something's missing from the basic flow of a perfect Vineyard worship service, as in the Burn Service projects.

I'll point to a very worship-friendly and radio-friendly standout song. "You Just Do" is the classic-to-be from this particular project. Segued between the final two tracks, this song captures the essence of An Evening of Vineyard Worship, and if you like this one, you need to run, not walk, to buy this

Olin Jenkins   April 28, 2001



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