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  Every New Day
Artist: Every New Day
Label: Salad Dressing Records

Every New Day is a punk band from western Canada. This trio plays a high paced, semi-hard style of punk that is unique. Their first release, Every New Day, is an eight song EP. Can decent lyrics overcome musical deficiencies and an average at best lead vocal?

Song to song, this just is not a very good EP. While the lyrics are impressive, musically, there is a lot of room for improvement. It's not the technical aspect as much as the song structure and general sound. Every New Day opens up with their best overall song, "Mirror."  It is lyrically strong, but musically nothing special. An interesting musical refrain is one of its most redeeming qualities, but again the lyrics are their strength. 

reflective surface on the wall returns her gaze as
she is taken to a place she’s been before…
  … what she misses the most is her child she will
never get to know her tears roll down so strong  
  she has been crying for so long and all that remains
is regret she cannot face herself
"Easy Street" is a song about turning from a life of mindless sin to a better life with God. 
your foolish goals will get you nowhere, you keep on
living lacking something in your heart
you could live your life with someone by your side,
a comfort never felt before in your life on your heart in your mind
Every New Day has some work to do. There is potential to move people with the lyrics. In today’s fast food culture, it is great to hear songs that mean something. Unfortunately, they make better reading than listening. Wait for future releases from these guys.

Matthew Riddle 11/23/2001



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