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  Shoot the Moon
Artist: Elliptic
Label: Indie
Length: 10 tracks /

Teaser: Getting there...

Originality, or rather, a lack of it, is often complained about in critical music reviews. In today’s Blink and Britney dominated pop culture, all too often we hear music that completely lacks identity (or originality ­ call it whatever you want). Elliptic have made some obvious attempts at being innovative on their debut, Shoot the Moon. The opening number, "BTL" incorporates off-beat rests, which make for a rather interesting rhythm. Interesting, but not entirely successful. Because the song bounces along rather haphazardly, it becomes hard to enjoy the tune. Bad musical choices such as this pop up throughout the album ­ inappropriate dynamic changes ("Storm"), excessive guitar soloing ("Tricky"). Too bad, because Elliptic, had they hit the nail on the head, could have turned out some excellent tunes. The basic song ideas are interesting and guitarist Ray Barnet shines as a lead player. If they fix up some of the problems to Shoot the Moon, the next release could definitely be promising.

Eric Daams 8/28/2001


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