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Sing For Me
Artist: Dez
Label: Destiny Music Group (
Time: 16 tracks/61:40

Sing For Me, the debut album from Desiree Coleman-Jackson (also known as Dez) is full of strong urban beats, powerful vocals (with an incredible range) and thought-provoking lyrics.

Though she is labelled as a "debut artist," Dez has already gained mainstream success with appearances on shows such as 'Live With Regis and Kathie Lee,' 'The Arsenio Hall Show,' 'Soul Train,' and 'Good Day New York,' and she also is regularly performing for crowds of over 25,000. Since her lyrics are all clearly Christian, it's an encouraging thing to know she has managed to share her music in the secular scene as well.

Sing For Me features the talents of Dez's intriguing vocals and song writing, as well as the help of producers David Frazier, Joe Wilson and producer and songwriter Wyclef Jean. It also features guest performances by B.B. Jay, Natalie Wilson & SOP, James Hall & Worship and Praise.

One of the most attractive facets of the album is the message it gets out through its lyrics. "Diamond Kings" (written by Dez's 21-year-old sister) is about the importance of putting God before material things. We are reminded that the secret to living is having Christ in our lives and a family in "I Can Do Anything," and "Give Him Your Life" is about a dating relationship. "I'm Sill Waiting," is a song that Dez commented, "everyone who has heard this song has reacted to it intensely because it's so universal; everyone hurts at some point in their life, and this song is about having patience and faith in the Lord during difficult times."

The basic sound of the album is typical urban/r&b (the sound has been compared to artists such as Mary Mary, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez), but with the additional performers and Dez's sweet yet sultry lead vocals managed to carry it as a unique and enjoyable album. Not every song is pure rap; Sing For Me also includes several instances of sweet, harmonious melodies, and some songs such as "Sing For Me," and "Thank You Lord," which bring in more of a gospel feel with their full choir backing vocals. The different sounds and styles contribute to the overall unique and wide-ranged, ear-pleasing sound throughout the album, so whether you're a fan of the urban scene or not, you're almost guaranteed to enjoy this album to its fullest!

Jessica Heikoop 10/21/2001



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