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Artist: Destiny’s Child 
Label: Columbia 
Length: 15 Tracks 

Destiny’s Child’s latest release could aptly be tilted And Then There Were Three, but that title was already utilized by art rockers Genesis when they were reduced to a trio. However, Survivor certainly reveals what this girl group has endured during the last few years, including a grueling tour schedule, constant line-up rotation, and taking the world by storm with their mighty hits “Say My Name,” and “Jumpin’ Jumpin.” Plus, why not capitalize on the plethora of marketing opportunities that the title could generate based on the fact its release came shortly after the television show of the same name just closed out their season in the Outback? 

On Survivor the girls blend a bit of funk with some soul and rap with lyrics that, for the most part, come from a positive perspective, despite they’re misleading titles. “Bootylicious” actually speaks to young girls about not trying to live up to the images they see in the media, but to be happy with their lives because of what’s inside. “The Story of Beauty” also encourages young women to be themselves in a culture which often tells them otherwise. In addition, the group’s “Gospel Medley” is a standout track where the girls take listeners back to their church roots. The tracks include “You Are So Good to Me,” “Now Behold the Lamb,” and “Jesus Loves Me.” 

Additional songs of strength come in the self-explanatory title cut, as well as their prior single “Independent Women Part 1” in which the ladies stand up for their rights. However, some of the group’s messages don’t quite fit the rest of the disc. “Sexy Daddy” and “Apple Pie a la Mode” have their sexual innuendos. Nonetheless, it’s the vocal strengths and diva-like style that overpowers any of the album's musical or lyrical flaws giving Destiny’s Child the reigning title, over TLC, as the best soulful girl group of today. 

Andy Argyrakis 6/7/2001

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