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Artist: Dervish 
Label: Compass Records
Length: 14/66:58

Dervish is a seven piece band hailing from northwest Ireland that performs traditional Irish music.  Over the last eleven years, they have released five albums, with their best songs collected now on Decade.  

The tracks on Decade are comprised of jigs, reels, and songs.  With titles in both English and Gaelic, Dervish will appeal to older fans, and to those who enjoy bodhran, bouzouki, mandolin, flute, and a variety of other instruments.  Cathy Jordan's vocals, especially on "Molly and Johnny" and "The Hills of Greanmore" are splendid.  

Throughout, Decade resonates with a lot of energy seeming to flow from one tune to the next despite the fact that this album is a compilation.  For younger fans, check this out to find out what the Cranberries and U2 grew up listening to.  For Irish music fans, this compares favorably to anyone that Altan or The Chieftains have done recently.

Brian A. Smith  11/5/2001



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