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Artist: dc Talk
Label: Forefront
Length: 19 tracks

With the three members of dc Talk seemingly off in different direction for the next while, this best of has been pulled together to celebrate the work of one of the most successful groups in CCM history. A listen through this collection of slick pop tracks makes the reason behind that success clear.

dc Talk's main talent lies in their accessibility. Their music has moved on considerably from their rap origins towards a broader pop idiom, and the lyrics have become more artful in their phrasing, but the slick production and straightforward approach have remained consistent. 

That approach means there is little here with any real edge and the band haven't taken any particular musical risks, with the result that those of whose tastes lie in the left-field won't find a huge amount to engage with here. On top of that the album may actually be a bit too long, with its 19 tracks, but in general this is an album of well produced hummable tunes which bring together some of the best songs to emanate from the 'Christian music' scene.

James Stewart  03/17/2001

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