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Artist: The David Clare Band
Label: AC Records
Length: 10 Tracks

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, also the home of the notorious U2, comes the acoustic folk rock sounds of The David Claire Band. This latest 10-song helping has a mild Celtic influence with a pattern of clever, faith building lyrics. "Before the Fall" conjures up images of what life would have been like without the stain of original sin. "Irish Lament" could musically fit into an Irish pub setting, but instead boasts prayerful lyrics such as "Lord I'm calling out to You/ Only you can pull me through."  "Outcast" appears to tell the tale of a believer struggling with the stains of the world while wanting to live a holy life. "The Stalker Song" is an intriguing ditty in which Clare sings of the foolishness of a stalker seeking out their prey, perhaps in relation to a fan seeking out a famous person, or in a more serious relationship. Perhaps this group will have the chance to make it to the States to share their well mapped out lyrical course and pleasant patchwork of genres.

Andy Argyrakis 6/5/2001

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