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World of the Satisfy'n Place
Artist: David Wolfenberger
Label: Blue Jordan Records
Tracks: 13/ 45:40

Much like its neighbor to the west, Silent Planet, Blue Jordan Records hailing out of Cincinnati, Ohio has for the last few years been quietly releasing extraordinary albums by great artists. The latest installment in this ongoing story is World of the Satisfy'n Place by David Wolfenberger. Anyone who has seen the Creekdippers on the last tour knows what a truly gifted musician this young man is. I'm not quite sure just what type of mood this album puts me in whether it be melancholy or subdued quietness. I do know that I enjoy being there and have visited there often as of late. Produced by David and Tyler Brown, this is a gentle masterpiece that deserves much recognition

Although there is no lyric sheet, each song is accompanied by a short explanation which in my humble opinion is a really cool idea. It helps me understand why each song exists and what was the reason behind the writing of it. Some of the song ideas covered include the desire for the stability of home not only now but in the hereafter, the Bataan Death March, the war to end all wars and the death of a young child. For all of the darkness on this album, there are also moments of light and life and gaiety that make the darkness not only bearable but somehow satisfy'n. The playing by everyone on the album is first rate but I need to make special mention of the oboe on a few cuts by Margie Landgrave. I could listen to her all day long. After hearing this album and his previous release Tales From Thom Scarecrow I have put David Wolfenberger on my list of who I have to see in concert. Check out

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock



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