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  Jesus Wants You To Buy This Record
Artist: Dead Artist Syndrome
Label: Independent
Tracks: 14/49:31

The Limited Edition Obligatory Cornerstone Release of Jesus Wants You To Buy This Record marks the return of DAS after an absence of over five years. During that time, the man that some have called the father of Christian Goth has become a father and suffered a heart attack. I am glad to say that he has survived both--Brian Healy lives! This new disc contains material both old and new; something borrowed, and something...well, you know the rest. Although not a "best-of" release in the technical sense, the album is something of a history of this gentle giant's contributions to the alternative rock scene. Along for the ride are the usual cast of characters: Jeff Ebel, Sean Doty, Mike Roe & the 77s, Derri Daughtery, Steve Hindalong, and Mike Knott.

Brian has always been able to surround himself with the very best sidemen in our industry, and each and every Dead Artist Syndrome release has shown the excellence that is poured into these projects. On each album, there has always been one song that has haunted me, such as "Dance With Me" (Happy Hour) and "Beautiful World" (Devils, Angels and Saints), to the point that I couldn't get the tune out of my mind. That song on this album is called "Life Amongst the Dead."  This tune is one of five new songs on the album, and in a perfect world would become a rock radio classic. The rest of the album is either unreleased older cuts or live material from various incarnations of the band's history. Despite the dark reputation that DAS has acquired over its journey, there is some truly beautiful music on this album, such as the live version of "Beautiful World" and the alternative take of "Slo Glo One."  The opening radio bit on the title track is brilliant and had me laughing to myself for days.

Coming soon from Dead Artist Syndrome: Grace & Impertinence, as well as Brian Healy's non-DAS singer-songwriter album The Baffled Amusement of Grace.   Be sure to check out the web site at

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock 8/15/2001

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