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Into the Flow: Musical Impressions for Acoustic Guitar
Artist: Dan Cunningham 
Label: Pickndawg Music
Length: 13 tracks/50:57

Guitar impresario Dan Cunningham has given us thirteen instrumental pieces on Into the Flow, designed to evoke scenes in our minds.  This is music to relax to, study by, or just inspire thought.  Cuuningham,  formerly of Phil Keaggy’s band, plays classical and steel guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, and cello, giving this CD an Appalachian flavor.

“Tejas Tango (the gig)” is an amusing piece, which pictures the writer in a cantina, playing for his supper.  “Carnival Breeze” triggers the memories of county fairs, with the smells of elephant ears, and standing in line to ride the ferris wheel.  

“Loose Dawg (in the hall of genius)” is a medley of “classical/folk melodies wrapped in twisted dough, rolled in sugar, and served on a stick” (liner notes).  It is comprised of pieces by Dvorak, Mahler, and “Lord of the Dance”, among others. 

“Waiting for the Piece of Night” is a three song suite, focusing on work, the return of Christ (“Ascent”), and the rewards given by God, and our acceptance of them (“Grateful Tears”).   

Cunningham’s guitars are designed to provide a soundtrack to our everyday lives, of watching life from our back porch, or reflecting on simple things, such as sunlight on our living room rug. If you enjoy sitting back with your eyes closed, drifting into a lazy nap while music plays in the background, give this one a try.

Brian A. Smith 9/24/2001



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