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Artist: Crosseyed 
Label: Independent
Length: 15 tracks/64:41

If Mac Powell of Third Day had ever fronted a band in the 1970’s, Crosseyed would be the result.  This mostly acoustic Minnesota trio would fit it in well amongst your old Honeytree and Love Song albums, and most of your singer/songwriter 8-tracks of that era.

Stan Thompson and Joel Pakan takes turns singing, while Pakan has written most of the songs and music.  Vocally, he ranges from Gordon Lightfoot territory, to Jethro Tull, to Third Day.  Lyrically, several songs shine, including the first song, “I Close My Eyes”:

 You go your way and I go mine, it’s how we’ve chosen to be
 But back at the beginning an old story brushes me
 About how Adam wasn’t comfortable with paradise
 Until he met Eve, until he met Eve.
“Fly” has a chorus/chant at the end you will find yourself humming at odd moments.  “Steadfast Fire” is a tribute to Pakan’s parents, and their marriage of forty years.  “52” places us in life’s rat race, trying to make sense of it all, while trying to keep God somewhere in the mix.

“Sleep” portrays a young girl who has lost her father, probably through divorce.  She is searching for comfort, and someone to fill the hole left in her heart.  Christ reminds her He is there:

 I am the one who rocks you to sleep
 I keep you safe and warm as you pray the Lord your soul to keep
 I am the one.  I know all your secrets.
 I know your dreams and your memories
 You know you mean the world to me
 You mean everything to me.
 “Let Love Lead” and “As I Am” are other highlights here.  The album closes with a cover of Lost Dogs “Breathe Deep”, reminding us that all types of people, despite our feelings about them, need God.

So, take out your tie-dyes, wash the VW Beetle, put a flower in your hair, and pop Liquid into your CD player.  Then enjoy the ride…

Brian A. Smith 8/23/2001


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