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In Blue
Artist: The Corrs
Label:  Atlantic
Length:  15 Tracks 

They may be from Ireland, and along with a bit of a Celtic influence in their blend of pop, but The Corrs are a leading force in the American music scene, thrilling audiences from coast to coast with their good looks, smooth sounds, and positive lyrics.  Although the group has had several hit albums in Europe, this project marks their first huge amount of commercial success in the states. 

The group's latest single "Breathless" is one of the most catchy songs released to radio in recent months and the remainder of In Blue brings fourth a similar spirit.  Songs like "Give Me a Reason" and "Say" show a wide array of influences, from Simon and Garfunkel on the first to Oasis on the latter.  "Somebody for Someone" is a pleasant ballad while "At Your Side" conjures up a Go Go's or Bangles type mood from the 1980s.  The lyrics speak of helping a friend out through the troubles that they are going through, while remaining by them through thick and thin. "Rebel Heart" is a stirring instrumental highlighted by the violin power of Sharon, which sets a hauntingly contemplative tone to wrap up the project. 

The Corrs also have the unique ability to weave their cultural background into their songs without sounding contrived or part of a cheesy marketing plan because that particular influence is the current trend (like when a lot of performers jumped on the Latin craze last year).  Perhaps this disc will spark a new trend in the music market and start bringing additional Irish natives to star status in the states. 

Andy Argyrakis 1/7/2001



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