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It's a Funny Thing 
Artist: Consumed
Label: Indie 
Length: 12 tracks 

Consumed is a young 7-piece indie worship band from Ohio that plays weekend gigs in churches around the region.  It's a Funny Thing is their latest album, a collection of happy, upbeat, and sincere acoustic rock tracks similar to Caedmon's Call or Smalltown Poets. All twelve songs are written by the band as a whole, and produced by Tim Bushong with just enough edge to appeal to the average teen, but not so much as to turn off their parents. 

It's a Funny Thing keeps a hometown, garage band feel with "All I Do" kicking it off at a jangly, fun pace. Lead vocals by Abby Monosmith are slightly reminiscent of a Leigh Nash or a young Christine Denté, but don't quite have the sharpness of the two veteran singers.  Arich Whitlock adds wonderful violin strains to a number of tunes, especially "Take Me," a congregational worship tune.  The rest of the band is composed of Andy Monosmith on guitar and vocals, Adam Tracy on drums, Chad Grieser on congas and harmonica, Corey Ruffer on guitar, and Josh Keppeler on bass. 

Consumed's strongest suit is its worship songs, such as the lyric on "Roses," which says:   

Cradle me in Your arms 
And bounce me on Your knee. 
Touch my face and show me Your grace 
Oh Daddy, take care of me. 
Other examples are "You Are There" an otherwise decent song, but tainted with a distracting Scripture reading in the background. "Take Me" is the highlight of the disc, but it ends too soon. If it were comedy, It's a Funny Thing would not have you rolling in the aisles with laughter, but would elicit a 
chuckle or two, with a good guffaw here and there. 

Zik Jackson 
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